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Exiting My Hiatus

29 Jan

We’re all guilty of this:  Time presses on, jobs get busier and we get increasingly lazy.  We stop eating well, spending quality time with family and friends, and worst of all: we stop exploring.  Of anyone, I am most guilty of all of these things.  I can’t believe that I haven’t written a SINGLE word on my blog in over a YEAR!

I thought to myself the other afternoon, “Why did I stop writing?  I really love that blog and it’s SUCH a stress reliever..”

Well, I’m going to give this the old college try to get back into it!  No more laziness.. No more excuses on why I shouldn’t spend time in new restaurants, going to more events, and most importantly: getting out and exploring new, unmarked terrain.

Now, what I’m about to say might make me sound a bit spoiled.. but please, don’t judge.  For Christmas this year, my boyfriend Alex and I were blessed with an AMAZING gift from Santa:  A sizeable sum of money to spend on the vacation of our choosing for this year.  “Are you kidding me??” was all I could really think to say.  My imagination started running wildly when I started envisioning all the architecture, history, shopping and of course the cuisine that we could explore.  Instantly we thought Paris would be fantastic, as Alex has never had the joy of traveling internationally… I was itching to get him across the pond!   The thought of being able to show him the most magical and amazing parts of the world literally made my mouth water.  I don’t know what it is about venturing to some place exotic and intriguing that really gets my engines fired..  I’m starting to think that travel really sets you free; and these days, I’m in need of serious freedom.

It’s been just over a month since we were given the amazing gift, and I have to say, we haven’t been discussing any of the plans as of yet.  We both work tirelessly at high stress jobs, and at the end of the day, the only thing we both want to do is sit in comatose states in front of our laptops or the bube-tube.  I know, it’s sad.

But.. there is a silver lining to this dark, storm cloud!  February is the turning point for winter and as we creep slowly into Spring, I know we’ll be rejuvenated and ready to start seriously planning this incredible adventure. So far, we’re thinking about:  Venice.  Rome.  Paris.  Barcelona.  Madrid.  Any other ideas or suggestions are most certainly welcome!!

Alex's Swearing-In to the Massachusetts Bar.