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Pirate Fortress: St. Malo, France

18 Nov

This past August, I had the most incredible opportunity to visit Europe with my Grandfather and Mother.  One of our many stops included St. Malo, a pirate fortress still intact to this very day.. located on the coast of France.  It’s a truly magical place, with fantastic cafes and restaurants, gorgeous boutiques littered throughout the cobblestone streets and street performers and artists showing their worldly goods.

Jack the Pirate: O.G. Bad Ass

Anyone recognize this? Parts of the movie "Ronin," was shot here!


Days full of sunbathing, shopping, people-watching and coffee (or wine!) drinking was nothing short of amazing.  I could have moved there in an instant.  It’s too bad when silly things like work and school hold you back!

Sunset in St. Malo - gorgeous!

Coffee Count: 5 Time: 11:00 AM.. Woohoo!

I beg your pardon?! Actually, this means "Enter.." 😉


I managed to snag some amazing finds from the shoppes in St. Malo.  Le Blanc du Nil, was light and airy – just like their egyptian cotton dresses, skirts and tops.  Love, love!  My truly favorite store was a hidden jewel – literally.  I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of the boutique was, but once it comes back to me – I will definitely let you know!  Truly unique – edgy, flirty, ethereal women’s clothing.  It’s not often that clothes “speak to me,” but, these did.  😉  I want to go back!

I'm on a BOAAAT! Well, next to a Pirate Ship at least!


Perfect Gardens and even better sunshine!

Horseburger Delux: delicious actually

Hi, Mama. You are lovely!


Oh my good God... the seafood was INCREDIBLE



Okay, let’s talk food for a second here.  I ate a Horseburger.  Yes, a burger made from horsemeat.  Apparently, that’s very commonplace in France – and honestly, it was delicious!  When your diet consists of “moules avec frites,” for most of your trip, you’re willing to try almost anything to get a bit of variety.  I love seafood but I can only eat so many mussels!   Oh, and the coffee… is… heavenly!  It’s so strong, your spoon practically stands at full attention.  But, that’s okay.. because you need full strength if your going to spend some serious dough with this Blondie.  After spending five total days in St. Malo, I was ready to head on.  I love it here, it’s absolutely breathtaking and it’s a perfect place to relax; however, it’s small.  You can only wander the cobbles for so long before you’re ready to head out to sea.  St. Malo is removed from other cities, so if you’re without a car, you become a bit.. deserted.  Anyways, our next stop was Bayeux: home to the famous Tapestry.  My next post will bring us to Normandy.. with guns blazing and crazy tour guides, quaint Inns and (not) so exciting food!