WalMart can cure ALL

17 Nov

I give thanks to my computer for the ability to spell check, turn on and off efficiently, get me to Facebook quickly.. and, well.. that’s about it.  Blogging is definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be!  Well, I shouldn’t say the writing part isn’t fun.. It is.  It’s the whole web-design aspect.  I feel like pulling my hair out from time to time!  For example, I can’t for the life of me, figure out how to get my posts into seperate categories.  One post tends to go into EVERY category.  That can’t be right..  I guess this is going to take some patience, and some getting used to.

are you serious?

So, yesterday I ventured to Walmart.. in Quincy, MA.  If you are from Massachusetts, you know what this means.  Freaks.  Lots of freaks… also lots of overalls, missing teeth and wicked think Baahstan accents.  Yippee!  I made my trek out there for one reason only:  to get CHEAP insulin!  Yesss!  Thank you, Walmart Brand medications!  So, after my adventure which took me ALL afternoon (I left Boston at 1:00 PM, and didn’t get to Quincy, which is supposedly 20 minutes away, until 2:30 PM!) There was a major accident on the highways, so I couldn’t complain that much.  I made it to WalMart, and as I’m looking around, I’m realizing that I’m the only normally dressed, showered and clean person in the place.  It was a bit unreal, I felt like I had entered The Twilight Zone.  Don’t get me wrong, I love WalMart.  Everything is very cheap, accessible and the lines move with lightning speed.  I picked up Hard Candy nailpolish for $6!  It’s usually $14 at the department stores or at Sephora.. so, I was happy.

On my drive home, I was contemplating: “Is it like this at ALL WalMarts?”  The answer: YES.  If you go to the website you can see for yourself.  Images of the real clientele of our nation’s WalMarts will greet you in the slideshow.  There’s also the daily Feature Creature when the page first loads (see Flavor Flave above!)

Here are some other pictures to feast your eyes on!

It’s the “Who Wore It Better: Battle of the Pink Drag Queens.” WalMart Edition..

This was taken at a Texas WalMart, and let’s just be glad that her thong is high enough to hide her tramp-stamp lower back tattoo!

That b*tch stole my outfit!!  No, kidding obviously.  But seriously, you know you’ve forgotten most of your outfit if your BOOTS cover the most skin!

Ohhhh people of WalMart, thank you.  You make me feel better and better about fashion and my outfit choices on a daily basis.  For this, I commend you!

Check out for a great laugh.




Plan Accordingly..

16 Nov

Autumn in Boston…  My favorite time of year!  Many restaurants have begun to put out there special holiday menus for Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thanksgiving evokes memories of family, envelopes the senses and makes us all smile a little wider (even if we can’t cook to save our lives!)  Some of my favorite restaurants in and around the city are starting to advertise their special (usually tasting menus, paired with wine.. etc) on their websites.  Also, you can check out or for a listing of some (if not all) restaurants that are participating for not just Thanksgiving, but Christmas Eve and New Years Eve also!  OpenTable is my personal favorite, as you can instatnly check availability and build points when you fufill those reservations made.  Once you get to a certain number of “points,” OpenTable will send you a $100 gift card to spend at any participating restaurant that is part of the OpenTable family!  (and we’re not talking about The Cheesecake Factory here people.. places like Sel de la Terre, Grille 23, CityTable, Atlantic Fish.. a few of my faves!)

If you’re going to eat out for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years I really urge you to think about the setting and how comfortable you want you and your family to be while you eat.  Have these questions in the back of your mind:  Am I dining with a variety of age groups?  Is bringing my 3 year old appropriate at a 4 star restaurant?  What types of food do I want to have?  Do I want traditional fare or something a bit more interesting?  How big is my party?  (I ask you to remember this, because come the few days before the big holiday, and you’re trying to get a table for 12 at a busy place, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.. usually these fantastic restaurants book up to 45 days in advance, espeically for the busy holiday seasons!)

Don’t be frustrated if you can’t find “the perfect restaurant,” because there are so many choices, and so many fantastic meals to be hand.  And don’t forget, the holiday season is a time to reflect on how precious our families are.  Enjoy their company, and don’t stress too much!